How we identify how much your phone is worth

Posted by on 7/28/2016

The Mobility Marketplace is based in Fort Worth, Texas, we buy and sell new, pre-owned, and refurbished phones and tablets. Through our website, our retail location, and our dealer network, we buy cell phones from the top carriers. We repurpose the devices and sell used cell phones at an average savings of 30% or more than regular cellphone carriers. Over the past 2 years, we have expanded our inventory to roughly 5,000 units a month through our growing network of dealers and customers.

Not only do we offer cash for cell phones, we test them on site. How do we do test them? We start by turning on the device. When you bring your device to us, we hold a burning session that plugs it in for 24 hours. This makes sure that the device takes and holds a charge, as well as that it powers on.

Testing Your Used Cell Phone

Next, we test all the buttons on your device, the sound, the camera, and the screen. Our technicians examine each device, ascertaining that the different functionalities of the phone work correctly. After this fully functional preliminary test, we then grade them according to cosmetics. Each fully tested phone that has been proven fully functional is sorted into A stock, B stock, and C stock categories.

What Do the Stock Categories Mean?

A stock means an excellent conditioned phone without noticeable nicks or scratches on the display or elsewhere. Its house should be clean, it should power on perfectly, and the battery and back cover will be included. The back housing should be clean, and the camera, sound, touch screen, charging port, and home button will all be fully functional, not to mention the SIM card tray, power buttons, and the mute button.

B stock phone is in good condition with few blemishes, nicks, or scratches in the display. The housing will be lightly used, it will still power on, and it will come with a battery back cover. Overall, signs of use should be few and far between.

C stock phones are heavily worn or in poor condition. They may have scratches or nicks in the display, heavily worn housing, or a screen burn in. They work but they lack cosmetics.

After our devices have gone through the cosmetic grading scale, our technicians use a data wipe machine on the phones to wipe the device back to the factory reset. Once the devices have been data wiped, graded, and tested, we then run ESN to verify that each ESN is clear to activate and valid.

For more info on our cell phone recycling program, or if you’d like a quote for your equipment, please send us an email at [email protected] To purchase our cell phones visit our shop cell phone page. Remember we offer cash for used cell phones, and we accept tablets, too, for we provide a complete line of wireless accessories. These are warrantied and manufactured to the same standards as those offered by your carrier at a much cheaper price.

For our replacement cell phones, we promise to clean and sanitize all our devices and provide a 30-day replacement warranty. We will conduct a 33-point inspection, package your phone professionally, and leave you not needing insurance. As for our cell phone buyback program, we offer the most competitive buyback pricing in the industry, and purchase over 250 different makes and models. We offer a BYOD, Corporate, Consumer program and offer multiple payment options. Then, we have detailed device reporting.

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