What You Might Not Know…Before You Finance or Purchase That Cell Phone!

Posted by Mark Morton on 1/30/2018
After working in the cell phone industry for a combined 40 years my business partner and I felt that it was important, if not imperative, to share our perspective with both our Corporate and Consumer customers about the potential chaos, confusion and risk to customers as a result of either leasing a new cell phone or signing a term/contract agreement for a new cell phone that seems both too tempting or appealing of an offer to pass up.

How much is my cell phone worth

Posted by on 9/21/2016
How much is my cell phone worth
When it comes to your cell phone it is a good chance that it is currently outdated and a new model has been released. Now it's time to figure out how much your outdated phone is worth. How much you think your cell phone is worth is completely different on how much it is actually worth. Read about how you can learn if your cell phone has any value to trade in or sell your device for cash.

Sell Your Old iPhone Before the Release of the iPhone 7!

Posted by on 8/8/2016

With the release of the iPhone 7 around the corner it's time to get rid of your current phone and update to the latest. Sell your old iPhone and gain cash for it. With our cell phone buyback program we have the top carriers to help you gain quick cash for your old phone.

How we identify how much your phone is worth

Posted by on 7/28/2016

When it comes to figuring out how much your cell phone is worth it is important to understand the process. The Mobility Marketplace shares how we review 3 different stock types: A, B, and C when it comes to your pre-owned cell phone.

How We Grade Your Used Cell Phone

Posted by on 6/14/2016

Hi everyone thank you for watching our video on techniques for grading and evaluating TMM Cell phone equipment. We get this question a lot so we thought we’d do a quick video demonstration on how we grade our pre-owned cell phone equipment.

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