Blackberry moving from their BB10 to Android software

Posted by on 5/16/2016
blackberry changing to android software

With many years under their belt Blackberry devices will shift from their BB10 software to Android software to power their devices starting in 2016. With the release of Priv we start seeing a new age in the company.

Sell Your Old Cell Phone For Cash

Posted by on 3/15/2016
Sell Your Old Cell Phone For Cash
When it comes to deciding on what to do with your old cell phone you need to consider your options. Making extra cash is something everyone can enjoy and your old cell phone can make it happen. We discuss the best ways The Mobility Marketplace can help you gain money but also recycle your old cell phone.

The Mobility Marketplace partners with The Military Child Education Coalition

Posted by on 2/22/2016
The Mobility Marketplace and Military Child have partnered together to raise $1 million dollars! The Mobility Marketplace will be donating $10 for every cell phone that is recycled through our cell phone buyback program. Whether you are a consumer or a company replacing phones we will be making a donation for every device. Learn more about Military Child and our partnership.

Why it's Worth Buying a Refurbished Phone

Posted by on 2/5/2016
Why it's Worth Buying a Refurbished Phone
Buying a new smartphone can become quite expensive. The best solution in buying a used cell phone is the reduced cost. Used cell phones are checked and reviewed to make sure they are in good working condition after they have been returned either because they were updating or sold by the previous owner.
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